Back in the saddle; btw, PTS!


There are keys to any successful blog; remaining on topic, be informative (yet interesting), update frequently, and stick to a schedule. I’ve lapsed on those last 2 months for a variety of reasons – of which I apologize profusely. But let’s move on from that.

I was catching up on the 200+ blog posts in Google Reader this morning and one stood out to me that I could relate to completely. Sean Polay, a colleague of mine at Ottaway Newspapers reminded his content folks to “Pimp the good stuff!”, or as he affectionately coined the phrase, “Pimp that shit!” Or nicely put: “PTS!” Gotta love that.

How many times have we gone through the trouble of creating really great content or tools, only to have to shrivel up in no man’s land because it didn’t belong in a specific content category? Or simply because of lack of communication between departments? Or how about the times we’ve gone through the trouble of promoting a feature offline only to have no clear direction on how to find it once on the site? Sitewide search is helpful, but not necessarily the slam-dunk solution.

So do yourself and your audience a favor, and PTS!