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Monica Wright is a veteran online marketer with over 10 years of media and content marketing experience, building audiences and visibility using search, social marketing and diagnostic SEO. She has worked with national and regional clients in a variety of industries including news, hi-tech, medical, hospitality & tourism and higher education organizations. As Social Media Editor for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, she helps grow audience, curate streams and build relationships socially across the web. You can always find her causing trouble on Twitter and


  1. SEOAly says:

    The funny thing is that I just heard about this contest tonight and wrote a post to enter the contest. Low and behold, I come to your blog and here is your entry and a link to my site right along with it. 😉

    You’ve been TAGGED! 😉 And I already changed the link I’d input to be specific to your post, so I’ve already tagged you back. :)

  2. SEOAly says:

    Seriously…why is the pingback from my post not showing up here on your post. I thought perhaps there was just a bit of a delay, but it’s been live for days now…and someone who linked to me less than an hour ago is already showing up as a pingback on my post. That makes NO SENSE!

  3. SEOinvasion says:

    We should do another contest similar to this and see how 2010 or 2011 goes. Bet we get a lot more people involved!


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